My name is Evan Segal. I'm a businessman, public servant, philanthropist, social entrepreneur, mentor and author dedicated to providing business leaders with the knowledge, wisdom, and information that will help them grow their businesses in today's challenging--and rapidly changing--environment. I know what it takes to achieve that goal, because I've done it myself.

While you can read more about my background on the Bio page, my story began at Dormont Manufacturing Company. As President and Owner, I led Dormont's evolution from a small business to a successful international company.


Building upon my experience in the private sector, I was nominated by President Obama and confirmed unanimously by the US Senate to serve as the Chief Financial Officer of the USDA. I also served on The White House Innovation and Information Policy Task Force and the Federal CFO Council

With the hands-on experience as a successful business leader and senior government official, I realized the invaluable lessons I had learned in my experience were translatable to businesses of all sizes--and that I could help smart business owners and managers identify and tackle the challenges they face. More importantly, I could help them grow. My book, From Local To Global: Smart Management Lessons to Grow Your Company, provides invaluable lessons learned for businesses of all sizes.


I have appeared on numerous media outlets to discuss current issues and their impact on businesses and consumers. I hope you find these resources valuable--and that you begin the process of applying Smart Management Lessons in your organization.

Thank you,

Evan J. Segal

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