From Local To Global: Smart Management Lessons To Grow Your Business


From Local To Global: Smart Management Lessons To Grow Your Business provides business owners and executives with invaluable lessons learned based on the hands-on experience of a successful business leader. It offers knowledge and wisdom that will help managers navigate the challenging environment that they face in today’s global economy. Covering a wide range of topics, including strategic growth, new product development, supply chain management, marketing, team building, customers, international partnerships and selling your business - this book demonstrates how a leader can use intelligence, knowledge, passion and capability to build high performing teams that can achieve remarkable results.


The reviews have been wonderful and the books strikes a chord for executives and managers of businesses both large and small. Each chapter is self-contained and focuses on a specfic topic. At the end of each chapter, I have provided a 1-2 summary of "Learned Learned" - your guide for take home value. Knowing how busy you are, I encourage you to read each chapter summary and you will know if you want to explore and read the entire chapter. This will allow you to make the best use of your valuable time. From Local To Globalwas published by AuthorHouse, a division of Penguin Publishing.


I look forward to your comments, thoughts and suggestions for future books. I plan to write additional "Smart Management Lessons" books, working with CEOs and thoughts leaders, on targeted business subjects (supply chain management, sales, transforming a business). I've also been asked to develop a SML for Nonprofits and for Government. So please email, Facebook, Tweet or Google+ me with your ideas. 


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