People often ask me... I got started as a writer and public speaker

Over a twenty-year period, I led the transformation of Dormont Manufacturing Company from a small family manufacturing business into a world-class global manufacturing organization. Building a strong, highly motivated team, we achieved a tenfold increase in sales and profits and created several hundred new jobs. We worked with our suppliers to introduce innovative products, create new technologies, and expand into international markets. I was able to energize the selling of a business-to-business product—making sales meetings, distributor calls, and company events something that everyone looked forward to. Using best-in-class skills, investing in automated equipment, and giving our employees the room to succeed, we built a highly successful manufacturing business in a very challenging environment.


We worked with a wide range of customers,from multinational food-service chains, large retailers, and equipment manufacturers to numerous food-service equipment, plumbing/HVAC, and catalog distributors throughout the world. Each channel of distribution and every customer provided an opportunity to learn about their business and to develop a mutually beneficial business relationship. We were able to identify best practices and cross-pollinate them across channels, delivering valuable new ideas to our customers.


After successfully leading the evolution of Dormont from a small business into a successful international company, I realized that I had learned many invaluable lessons along the way. Through a series of speeches to executives at national trade shows, I found that the knowledge that I had gained was relevant and applicable to business owners and managers. My goal in these presentations was to provide business leaders with some of the knowledge and wisdom that helped grow our business in today’s challenging environment.!


The chapters in this book address a range of topics, including growing and selling a business, creating exciting marketing programs and dynamic sales meetings, operating in a global economy, working with a broad range of customers and suppliers, and building a trusting and talented team that would become the foundation for the success of our business.


I hope that the insights and lessons learned contained in From Local to Global: Smart Management Lessons to Grow Your Business provide you with the opportunity to build and grow your business in a challenging global economy. I want to thank you for purchasing this book, and I look forward to hearing from you about your own experiences and ideas.

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