An Entrepreneur's Guidebook ★★★★★

Evan Segal's book, "From Local to Global" is a must read, hands on guide for any entreprenuer who is running their own business, thinking about running their own business, or thinking about selling their private company. Evan takes the unique practical perspective of discussing the "do's and don'ts" of managing and growing a business that frankly can be applied to any industry, addressing topics such as growth through acquisitions, hiring, marketing and importantly, how to think about your customer. The book is extremely well organized, with a powerful "Lessons Learned" section at the end of each chapter. "From Local to Global" should quickly become the entreprenuer's guide to running and growing a private company.

Robert Sarazen - Vice President, Goldman Sachs & Co.

Full of well organized insights ★★★★★

This is a well constructed, well organized, thoughtful and insightful work by a person who has been to war and clearly knows what he is talking about. Each chapter has lessons that are well worth learning at each and every management level; it is a paean to the entrepreneurial spirit and a testament to the power of world class leadership.

Christopher B. Carson - Director: Business and Tax Group - Cohen & Grigsby

Practical-Practical-Practical  ★★★★★

Mr. Segal has produced a very interesting and informative book. He writes from a practioners point of view. He provides refreshing insights into how a business truly runs and becomes profitable. His frame of reference is not a large business, where most things have been figured out...but a scale that we all can relate to--one on the way to success.

The questions and challenges posed are just as important as the answers his firm arrived at...and the journey is a trip in itself--one that we all can relate to. He takes the issue of growth from slogan to reality...providing a blue-print for success. Thanks for this solid book-...a must read!

Dr. Charles Bishop, Principal; Coral Bridge Partners

Fascinating Read for entrepreneurs, business owners and students ★★★★★

Just completed going over the book. It's very well written, concise and an easy read - and makes its point well. The author presents a fascinating story about how he took over at his company's helm and grew a small local business into a global market leader. He takes a mundane product (a stainless steel gas connector for the food service industry) that most of us have seen (but never given a second thought to) and weaves a great story around it. Lessons learned from the book include a first-hand view of a roadmap on taking a manufacturing company to the next level in the face of global challenges. It also shows how an innovative small businessman can flip a global challenge into a multitude of global opportunities! I highly recommend this book to aspiring entrepreneurs, businessmen and business school students!

Dr. Bopaya Bidanda

Department Chair, Ernest E. Roth Professor of Industrial Engineering

Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh

Great Read, Better Lessons  ★★★★★

As a freshly minted MBA, it is great to read a book that takes many of the academic concepts I learned throughout my curriculum and applies them to a "real world" setting. From Local to Global: Smart Management Lessons to Grow your Business is not only a very entertaining read, but is also filled with valuable lessons for anyone involved in today's complex business environment. It is evident that the author shares his "lessons learned" with the sincerest intention of helping others succeed.


I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the complexities of effectively running, and growing, a successful business - The pieces of this book are timeless and will provide insight and ideas that will be useful for many generations to come. - Brett Paulsrud

Interesting small business story full of valuable lessons  ★★★★★

Interesting, valuable book on growing a successful small business. I picked this up as an entrepreneur looking for insight to build and grow my startup--before finishing the second page, I was jotting down ideas to implement in my own operations. The book teaches valuable business concepts through the story of a small niche product growing into an essential part of commercial kitchens and homes around the world.


The former Dormont Manufacturing president and author does a good job combining the creative and academic approaches he used running the business, with valuable small business war stories. These include getting through the doors of heavyweights like Home Depot, fighting discriminatory EU trade practices, and even getting plumbers excited about stainless steel gas line connectors. Definitely recommended for entrepreneurs, business students, small/ mid-size business leaders.

Brain Magrann - Principal, Traversis Global Training LLC

A must read for every business owner  ★★★★★

As a business owner with varying degree of success and failure, I found this book to be the most accurate writing on the subject. If I could of read this book many years ago, I would have avoided many expensive mistakes. If you are looking to become an entrepreneur, or if you are are already one, I strongly recommend you read this book--and take notes because virtually everthing in this book applies to every entrepreneur. This is a must read for every business person. - Rick Lindner

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